The College has a well-stocked library with adequate number of titles of books related to Engineering and Management education, which caters to the needs of students and teachers. Besides course related books, the library also stocks general and technical books. The College also subscribes to sufficient number of foreign and Indian research journals, periodicals, magazines, newspapers, etc.


Canteen is located in the College campus. Attached to the canteen is a stationary shop to provide stationary items, tea/coffee, snacks and cold drinks to the students and hostel boarders.

Free Hostel

Separate hostel facilities for boys and girls are provided within the campus with all the basic civic amenities and security. A senior teacher of the college remains in-charge of the respective hostel for its proper supervision and control.


Facilities for indoor games are being provided in the academic building for students and a playground - for volleyball, basketball, football, cricket etc.

Security & Safety

Priyadarshini has a large team of professionally-trained security personnel patrolling and guarding the campus 24*7 to ensure safety of students, staff & Infrastructure.

Free Transportation

Priyadarshini provides faculty & students with free Bus service from all parts of the city to the Institute. The Buses are comfortable, safe & economical, being subsidized by the Institute.

Medical Center

Medical facilities are available on campus through a dispensary Staff.

Seminar Hall

The Institute as bigger Seminar Hall with full-fledged room with projectors & Internet Connectivity. And 500 Capacities to conduct guest lectures, corporate events, Internal & External Meetings with large crowds.

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