Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Hot air ovens, Microwave ovens, Fuming cupboards, Vacuum pumps, Mixers, Melting point apparatus, Sonicator.

Physical Pharmacy Lab

Dissolution Rate Test apparatus, Hot Air oven, Centrifuges, Mixers, Mortar and Pestles, Remi stirrers, Magnetic Stirrers, Filtration units, Viscometers, Stalagmometers etc.

Machine Room

Plate tray dryer, Coating pan with compressor, 16 punch rotary tablet press, 13 punch rotary tablet press, Multimill, Semi automatic bottle filling machine, Double cone blender, cyclomixer, ointment filling machine, Hot-air oven, filter press, Disintegration test apparatus, friability test apparatus, Ampoule sealing machine.

Microbiology and Biotechnology Lab

Incubator, Microscopes, BOD Incubator, Laminar Air-Flow Bench, Hot air ovens, Autoclaves, Refrigerator, Aseptic cabinet Conical flask Shaker, Antibiotic zone reader, Colony counter, Projection Microscope etc


Pharmaceutical Analysis

Digital balances, Analytical Balances, UV - Spectrophotometer, Colorimeter, Karl-Fisher titrimeter, Flame photometer, Florimeter.

Pharmaceutical Engineering Lab

Drawing Tables, Models, Hot-air ovens, Seives, Ball Mill, Sieve Shaker, Thermometers, distillation units, humidity chamber, ointment filling machine etc.

Physiology and Pharmacology Lab

Hemocytometers, Hemoglobinometers, Microscopes, Analgesiometer, Stethescope, BP Apparatus, Pole climibing apparatus, Digital Tele Thermometer, Organ Baths, Kymograph, Sherrington Rotating Drums, Human skeleton, Bones, Charts etc

Biopharmaceutics and Dispensing Lab

Dissolution Rate Test apparatus, 8 set dissolution rate test apparatus, Balances, Thermometers, Water baths, Balances (torsion), Suppository moulds.


Simple Microscopes, Compound microscopes, Eye piece micrometer, Stage micrometers, Camera Lucida, Hot air oven, Soxhlet apparatus, TLC Kit, Double Clevenger apparatus, distillation unit, Crude Drugs, Charts etc.